2018.4.20AAU Regional

3rd – 11th Grade Regional Qualifier April 20th – April 22th at Avon HS

Division 1 State Final May 4th – 6th at Westfield HS

Division 2 & 3 State Final May 18th – 20th at Avon HS

Registration for the Regional events is a two part process:

  1. First step register online here, register team, and pay the 225 entry fee.
  2. Enter your official roster in the AAU sytem. We will use this for Our District event, the National events require this step. After you create your team, download the PDF file and email it to darrins@hoosiercoop.com
  3. You should begin securing your AAU memberships for your Team/Club, as well as player, bench person(s) memberships now. Print you “Official Roster” email a copy and bring a copy to the event.
  4. If you are a seeded automatic qualifier, you follow the steps above. Register for this Regional event, pay the 225 entry. You will automatically advance to the Final event for your grade/age. If you want to play the regional let Darrin know. You will participate in the next grade/age up.

3rd - 11th Girls
Avon HS 7575 E County Rd 150 S

Registration Fee:$225.00

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21382018.4.20AAU Regional
Who is coming

Indiana Sky Diggs Elite Russell-Loveless - Sky Diggs Elite 6th/11U
Indiana IN Red Storm 2025 - Indianapolis 5th/10U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite-Mitchem - Indiana 7th/12U
Indiana Always 100 McGee 2022 - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana Always 100 Goodwell 2023 - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana Hoosier Elite Van Dyke - Hoosier Elite 5th/10U
Indiana Indiana Flight 2024 - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Marshall - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana IGB - Tyler - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Shellhammer -2027 3rd/8U
Indiana IGB - Snodgrass - 2026 4th/9U
Indiana IGB - Gizzi - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IGB - Morse - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IGB - Honeman - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana IGB - Hoover - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Holman - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana IGB - Babbington - 2027 3rd/8U
Indiana Indiana Flight 2022 - Bowen 8th/13U
Indiana Hoosier Elite - Graves 8th/13U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite - B.Francis 6th/11U
Indiana Hoosier Elite - Holcomb 7th/12U
Indiana Golden Eagles - Golden Eagles 5th Grade Girls Basketball Club 5th/10U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite 2022 – Nugent - Sky Digg Elite 2022 - Nugent 10th/15U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite – Robbins - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite Newport - SDE Newport 9th/14U

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