2018.3.16Shamrock Classic

Here are some additional notes and information on the classic.

Coaches will need to check in @ Westfield HS door 13 before first game to collect event packet.

We play games Friday night. Unless you are out of state, you should be prepared to play. You need to know this could be as many as 7 games if you do not get eliminated.

Visit the Shamrock Classic web site. She turns sweet sixteen this year, and we have a dedicated web site that has loads of info and the event history.

Scheduling now, will have a draft up Monday evening and a final schedule Wednesday evening. First possible games: Friday 6:00, Saturday and Sunday 8:40

Registration is closed, you are welcome to register. You will be on a wait list and refunded if we can’t get you in a pool.

3rd - 11th Girls
Hamilton County IN Gyms

Registration Fee:$350.00

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22962018.3.16Shamrock Classic
Who is coming

Indiana Indiana Flight North 2022 - Buehler 8th/13U
Ohio Cincy Thunder - Cincy Thunder 6th/11U
Indiana Hoosier Elite Crask - Hoosier Elite 5th/10U
Indiana Indiana Stars - Gossett - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite Cummings - Sky Digg Elite 8th/13U
Indiana Lafayette Blue Chip - 2020 10th/15U
Indiana IN Flight - Red 4th/9U
Indiana Sky Digg Ryle - Indiana 10th/15U
Indiana Hoosier Elite Van Dyke - Hoosier Elite 5th/10U
Indiana Always 100 Chamble - 2019 12th/17U
Indiana Always 100 McGee - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana IGB - Novinger 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IGB - Marshall - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana IGB - Shellhammer -2027 3rd/8U
Indiana IGB - Babbington - 2027 3rd/8U
Indiana IGB - Snodgrass - 2026 4th/9U
Indiana IGB - Thomas - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana IGB - Honeman - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana IGB - Holman - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana IGB - Tyler - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Wade - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Hoover - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana IGB - Morse - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IGB - Gizzi - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IGB - Rector 2023 7th/12U
Michigan O3 Elite Basketball 2024 - Ann Arbor 6th/11U
Indiana IN-Showcase 13U - Harris 8th/13U
Indiana IN-Showcase 16U - Kabara 11th/16U
Indiana IN-Showcase 15U - Eber 10th/15U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Crimson (Goss) 10th/15U
Indiana Higher Level - Girls HS 12th/17U
Illinois Indiana Flight West - 2020 10th/15U
Illinois Indiana Flight West - 2021 9th/14U
Illinois Indiana Flight West - 2022 8th/13U
Illinois Hoosier Elite - Young 7th/12U
Illinois Hoosier Elite - Cunningham 5th/10U
Michigan MBA 7th Blue - Girls 7th/12U
Michigan MBA 7th Black - Girls 7th/12U
Michigan MBA 8th - Girls 8th/13U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite – Gilliam - Indiana 5th/10U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite – Mitchem - Indiana 7th/12U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite – Sullivan - Indiana Open
Indiana Indiana Shock - Girls 7th/12U
Indiana Indiana Shock - Girls 5th/10U
Indiana George Hill Lady Stars - 17U Open
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Royal (Garrett) 5th/10U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Scarlet (K. Banks) 6th/11U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Lavender (Boesch) 6th/11U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Purple (Stow) 6th/11U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Gray (Majors) 6th/11U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Orange (Katie) 7th/12U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Platinum (Johnson) 7th/12U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Pink (Booker) 7th/12U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Maroon (Shelt) 8th/13U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Green (Smiley) 9th/14U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - White (Lee) 10th/15U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Gold (J.Banks) 10th/15U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Teal (McWilliams) 11th/16U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Burgundy (Baldwin) 11th/16U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Red (Walker) 11th/16U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Tan (Hollins) 11th/16U
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - RoseGold (J.Banks) Open
Indiana Nike Lady Gym Rats - Silver (Riego) Open
Indiana Hoosier Force - 8th Grade Girls 8th/13U
Indiana Hoosier Force - 7th grade girls 7th/12U
Indiana Golden Eagles - Golden Eagles 5th Grade Girls Basketball Club 5th/10U
Indiana Midwest Finest Elite - 2019 11th/16U
Indiana Midwest Finest - 2020 10th/15U
Indiana Midwest Finest - 2021 9th/14U
Indiana Midwest Finest - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana Midwest Finest East - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana Midwest Finest East - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana IN-Showcase 14U - Kirby 9th/14U
Indiana Indiana Fusion Basketball - A 9th/14U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite - 17U Grennes 12th/17U
Indiana IN Red Storm 2025 - Indianapolis 5th/10U
Indiana Indiana Red Storm 2024 - Indiana 6th/11U
Indiana Indiana Red Storm - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana Indiana Blaze Onyx - Indiana 6th/11U
Indiana Indy Lightning - Girls 9th/14U
Indiana Coach Jay First Ladys - 2021 9th/14U
Indiana NuVision Sportz - Davis 9th/14U
Indiana NuVision Sportz 2022 - Willis 8th/13U
Indiana Indy Magic - Laker 9th/14U
Indiana Indy Magic - Andrus 10th/15U
Indiana Indy Magic - Syrek 12th/17U
Indiana Indy Magic - Scott Open
Indiana Indy Magic - Blanding 11th/16U
Indiana Indiana Flight Blast - 17 and under 12th/17U
Indiana Indiana Elite Gold - Jason Eldredge Open
Indiana Indiana Flight - Xtreme 12th/17U
Indiana Indiana Flight - Duke 11th/16U
Indiana Indiana Faith - McCullars 10th/15U
Indiana Indiana Flight - 2025 5th/10U
Indiana Team Indiana Clutch - Team Indiana 9th/14U
Indiana Indiana Flight 2024 - 2024 6th/11U
Indiana Indiana Firestorm - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana NWI Thunder Grey 2023 - NWI Thunder Grey 2023 7th/12U
Indiana Flight Prime 2023 - Flight 7th/12U
Indiana Flight Prime 2021 - Flight 12th/17U
Indiana Sky Diggs Elite Russell-Loveless - Sky Diggs Elite 6th/11U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite 2022 – Nugent - Sky Digg Elite 2022 - Nugent 10th/15U
Indiana Indiana Ice - Indiana 12th/17U
Indiana Team Indiana - 2022 8th/13U
Indiana Team Indiana - 2023 7th/12U
Indiana Indiana Flight Red 8th Grade Girls - Flight 8th/13U
Indiana NuVision Sportz 2022 - Taylor 8th/13U
Indiana NuVision Sportz Gray - 15u 10th/15U
Indiana NuVision Sportz - Mullin 12th/17U
Indiana Evansville North Elite 7th Grade - Feeder team 7th/12U
Indiana Evansville North Elite 8th Grade - Feeder team - girls 8th/13U
Indiana IndySwish - Girls 2024 6th/11U
Indiana Indiana Flight - Storm 12th/17U
Indiana Indiana Flight Thunder - Marlin Open
Michigan CCE – 8th - Doneth 8th/13U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite – Robbins - 2024 6th/11U
Michigan CCE - 4th 4th/9U
Indiana Franklin’s Finest - Franklin 6th/11U
Indiana Sky Digg Elite Newport - SDE Newport 9th/14U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Blue 6th/11U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Blue 5th/10U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Orange 6th/11U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - White 6th/11U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Orange 8th/13U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Blue 8th/13U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Orange 7th/12U
Michigan Michigan’s Finest - Blue 7th/12U
Indiana IN Flight Attack - Indiana Flight 12th/17U
Indiana Indiana Flight South - Landis 11th/16U
Indiana Indiana Flight South - Wilson 9th/14U
Indiana Indiana Flight South - Hickey 6th/11U
Indiana Indiana Flight South - Landis 7th/12U
Indiana Indiana Flight 2022 - Bowen 8th/13U
Michigan CCE Blue - 6th Girls 6th/11U
Michigan CCE Blue - 7th Girls 7th/12U
Michigan CCE- Hebert - CCE 8th/13U
Indiana Indiana Flight North - Wright 10th/15U

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