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Indy Central: We are looking to create teams at grades 5-11th for the Indianapolis area.
Jr. Fever Workout / Tryout

Tuesday’s though June; 6:00-7:30 pm 3-7th grades at Westfield Intermediate

Thursday’s through June; 6:00-7:30 pm 3-7th grades at Westfield Intermediate

Contact Darrin or Lee for details
If you are interested in playing or being place on a team please register online
Coming soon!
Marion IN
Shelbyville IN
Frankfort IN
Dayton Oh
Please wear a numbered shirt/Jersey to be evaluated.
Preregister now online. Your preregistration helps us plan, and saves you time.


Will there be additional teams created? Yes, We are constantly building new, and adding players to existing teams.

My daughter is 4th grade, will there be a team for her? She is welcome to try out for any of the 5th-12th grade Indy teams. If she can play at the level, and her skill and commitment level fits, she can play.

What days will they practice, and where will the team play? These questions will vary by team. They are dependent on the coach to determine best practice, and game schedule for the team. You can expect to play 10-13 events the coach/team will select. 3-4 of these will be regional/national level events to fulfill obligations of the program.

My daughter currently plays with Hoosier Elite. If she comes out for the new team and isn’t selected, will that reflect negatively on her? Absolutely not. Team Elite, Indiana Premier, Hoosier Elite, teams all feed into Jr. Fever. Many players on our top team today, started out as Team Elite girls in grade school

Do I need to attend more than one try out? It is not required that you attend additional tryout/workouts. You are certainly welcome to attend more than one, and be evaluated more than once.

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