Co-Op General Game Rules

1. Two 16-minute stop time halves. Clock will run in the 2nd half anytime the lead is over 20
points. (14-minute halves for 8U-2nd, 9U-3rd, 10U-4th, 11U-5th, and 12U-6th)

2. Each team gets 3 timeouts per game and an additional timeout per OT period. Timeouts will
NOT carry over into overtime.

3. Free throws (1-1) will be shot on the 10th foul of the half. All free throws will be 2 shots on the
12th foul of the half.

4. 2-minute warm up period before the game and 2-minute halftime, unless noted otherwise by
site director.

5. Any coach or player receiving two technical fouls will be ejected from the game and out for the following game.

6. Overtime will be 2 minutes with stop time. Second overtime is 1 minute. Third OT is sudden

7. Players will be disqualified once they have committed their 6th foul.

8. Girls will have a 10-second backcourt violation.

9. Any lead at or over 20 points, the clock will run. Once the lead is under 20, it will go back to stop time.

10. All girls will use a 28.5 ball.

11. No full court pressing when the lead is above 20 points.

12. When determining the team who advance to playoffs: In a 2-team tie use head-to-head
results. In a 3-team tie or if tied teams didn’t play each other, use point differential (all games will be included and maximum point differential for each game is 15 points). If there is a 3-way tie in a pool where 2 teams advance, the tied team with the highest point differential advances in 1st seed. The tie breaker for the 2 other teams will be head-to-head, and then point differential. In the scenario where 2 teams are tied, have not played head-to-head, and have the same point differential, the next tie breaker is points allowed. The team who allowed less points will advance.

13. Players are allowed on one additional team as long it is ABOVE their age group and
WITHIN their program.

14. If a team forfeits a game, they CANNOT advance from Pool Play.

15. Formal complaints and protests must be submitted in writing.

16. We expect all players, coaches, parents, spectators, and staff to act in an appropriate manner. If a situation arises, the Event staff may require a person to leave the site. Failing the removal the game will be ended.

17. It is the home team’s responsibility to provide the book. The home team is the second/bottom team listed and will wear the lighter jersey. Home team provides the ball.

18. Teams will be given 2 VIP wristbands to utilize as they see fit. You may be given a third if assistant is listed in official online roster.  VIP bands are required to sit bench or be at the table.

19. In all other situations, NFHS rules will be applied. The Site Director has final say on all other rulings.

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